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We can help you realize the many benefits and advantages of developing an iPhone, iPad, and Android application. Our expertise and several years of experience will go a long way in mobilizing your business by quickly transforming your existing online services into successful mobile ones.

We bring the totality of our experience and know-how to our clients to meet all their objectives, from technology to user experience to profitability.

Big Data

Gut Lernen Technocraft is the professional services firm for big data solutions and advanced analytics. Our team of innovators and developers closely work with you to create business solutions related to Big Data. We work on Hadoop, NoSQL, MongoDB and other related technologies to implement your Big Data requirements related to structured and unstructured data. We understand you require perfect solution at reasonable cost; we do exactly that for you. Our experts having lot of experience of working on multiple projects in MNC, does work for you. We build excellent solution for you, which will not require your continuous watch – just hand over to us and relax and see your data serving you great solutions.

Data Warehousing

We are the team of specialized data warehousing professionals having skills to help you achieve your Business Intelligence goals. We have expertise to play with your data to and help you better understand your data.

Data which you generate from your business can serve as back bone for your business. The data what you generate can itself make the way for your business growth. The indian market is not yet very matured to understand the importance of the data. US and UK markets are very much playing with there data to make the business stratigies.

Your Data, our skills and your business expertize can help you grow a great deal in the market. Hand over your precious date to us and watch the other gold.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud computing has radically changed the world of software. More customers are seeing the value of having applications on the cloud. We have designed, developed and deployed several cloud applications over the years globally. We at GL technocraft specifically help you to:

  • - Assess your software platforms & products for cloud readiness.
  • - Refurbish & revamp your applications to be cloud ready.
  • - Migrate your target applications to the cloud.
  • - Scale your applications that are already on the cloud.

Web Applications

Website design a very popular term now days and much required showing your presence globally. This plays a very important role to create your first impression in front of your prospects, to which you don’t know and to impress one; your website should have a unique design, easy accessibility, and required information. Your website is a representation of your business and organization.
GL Technocraft understands such requirement and builds a very experienced team who can serve any of clients as per their requirements.

Graphics & animation

GL technocraft has spread its wings from 3D Animation, VFX and Stereoscopic 3D services to developing pipeline tools and much more, while remaining faithful to our vision that multiple aspects of art (both traditional and electronic)and usability features needs to be incorporated in the overall product as a unique art form.
Whether it is creating stunning 3D content, animation for the screen or refining existing works for representation on the internet, our team eagerly takes up your demands to offer the latest possible solutions without compromising their artistic value.
From Logo design to photo-real animated creatures, the our team is here to deliver the best.